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Blooming Blossoms

Goal: Grow Online Success

Result: Refreshing the Website Boosts Sales by 400% 

I initially connected with Blooming Blossoms to learn about floral design. After getting to know the business, I noticed that their website didn't reflect the warmth and personality of the shop.

I worked with the shop owner to develop a website that would authentically capture the essence of Blooming Blossoms while providing visitors with a modern online shopping experience.

I took bright and colorful product photos and updated the copy across the site with a focus on SEO, ensuring that Providence Florist maintained its visibility on the first page of Google search results.

The impact was significant! With the new website in place, Blooming Blossoms saw a remarkable increase in online sales. It was a huge win for the shop and for our collaboration.

But it wasn't just about the numbers. The improved website also helped Blooming Blossoms become more visible in the community. They started getting featured in local magazines, saw a boost in social media engagement, and even formed partnerships with other businesses in the area.

Encouraged by the success of the shop's website makeover, I was asked to do the same for their wedding website. Now, they have a beautiful and welcoming site that showcases their offerings and makes it easier for couples to connect with them.

Having a strong online presence is vital for businesses, big and small. Blooming Blossoms' story illustrates just how powerful a well-designed website can be. By bringing the shop's charm to life online, we not only boosted sales but also strengthened its ties to the community.

> Blooming Blossoms Shop Website

> Blooming Blossoms Wedding Website

> Blooming Blossoms Instagram

scope of work

  • New e-commerce website that resulted in a 400% increase in weekly sales

  • Social media management

  • Content creation and in-house photography

  • Visual merchandising, including storefront installations

  • Print collateral

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