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Forty Winks

Forty Winks

Local Lingerie Boutique

Goal: Consistent Marketing Efforts

Result: Instituted a content calendar using Airtable, 27% increase in social growth after one year, weekly email campaigns

Forty Winks needed someone to help create consistent marketing. Upon hire, I introduced Airtable, one of my favorite organization tools. We use this daily to organize our marketing channels. We are able to keep all of our ideas in one place and take action on following through with our plans.


As the in-house graphic designer and photographer, I am the lead designer for email campaigns and the photographer for our website and social media. My photographs have been re-posted and used by other brands in emails and on their websites. In addition to visual creative, I also copy-write for our emails and web pages. I update our Shopify website weekly with new product photos, homepage imagery, and blogs that reflect our email campaigns. When we launch new products, I build and design new web pages using Shogun.


I analyze our social media performance using Instagram analytics and Later to help determine what is doing well and how we can use those concepts to build our engagement. Our main following is on Instagram - we see a lot of growth through videos and reels. After identifying this trend, I updated our content calendar to include more Reels weekly and we are now working on introducing TikTok to our marketing channels.


We’ve also moved our email campaigns from Mailchimp to Klaviyo and I am working with consultants to set up welcome flows and segmented lists.

> Forty Winks Website

> Forty Winks Instagram

Key Responsibilities

  • In-house graphic designer and photographer

  • Instagram content manager, increasing following by 27% in one year

  • Content creation and strategy for social media and email campaigns

  • Evaluate performance and engagement of marketing channels

  • Update website content, including building custom web pages to feature new brands and projects

  • Introduced organizational systems using Airtable to manage projects

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