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Jenni Bick Bookbinding

Jenni Bick Bookbinding

Custom Journal and Logo Embossing

Goal: Create a strong brand to guide the design of the flagship store in Washington, D.C.

Result: Brand guidelines document, worked with architects and interior designers, merchandising

Starting in the art department making leather journals, I was in a position to work closely with the owner Jenni. After hearing her talk about wanting a more consistent brand, I took it upon myself to start building that aesthetic.


I worked my way up to Art Director and in this role, I created a brand identity document, re-formatted all the photos online, designed cohesive print collateral, developed a marketing strategy for our Instagram, and most importantly, was one of the two employees of a team of 20 asked to move with the company when they opened their first brick and mortar in Washington, D.C.


My role in D.C. was to work with architects to help our space meet our brand guidelines and to create community awareness and excitement for our opening. This was a unique and exciting opportunity - I helped choose (and build!) furniture, worked with local publications for press releases and photo opportunities, built an Instagram wall of journals for people to write in, designed a pattern for our giveaway notebooks, and a whirlwind of other things!


Being part of this project really embedded in me the power of collaboration, being experimental in my work, and staying open-minded and curious. 

> Branding Guidelines

> Flagship Store

> Publications

Key Responsibilities

  • On opening team for the flagship store, working directly with the CEO to bring her vision to life using various mediums including print materials, wall decals, furniture, and merchandising

  • Visual merchandising, including building installations

  • Developed marketing strategy for community engagement

  • Created the company’s first brand identity guidelines

  • Lead designer for email marketing, print collateral, social media visuals, photography, and website

  • Hand-made custom products and created new collections

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