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Elgreen Orchid

Elgreen Orchid

Orchid Wholesaler at the Boston Flower Market

Goal: Build a website

Result: New website with gallery and contact info

I met Jeff, owner of Elgreen Orchid, when I started buying at the flower market for my job at Blooming Blossoms. After seeing each other once a week for about a year, we built a friendly relationship leading to him inquiring about my services as a web designer. He had no website and when people searched google for Elgreen Orchids, a company in New York would appear. After viewing the shop and wedding websites I made for Blooming Blossoms flower boutique, Jeff hired me to create his site. 


The site is now live and features a gallery of product offerings. With the inquiry form and clear directions of how to purchase, Elgreen Orchid has a wider reach than ever.

> Elgreen Orchid Website

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and build website using Wix

  • Focus on SEO

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