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Interior Photography

Project: Interior Photography

Work: Photography and Photo Editing

Date: 2017

closeup ook spine shelf
wedding wall bright white
stationery table
size 36 embossing close up
rhodia corner
ook wall
ook wall and cards
front islanders
front flower islanders
front ook spine display
front flowers islander vertical
little tart wedding wall
front with cards
ook wall towards back
front display tables
front display tables islanders
front display table close up embossing
front display table close up
closeup lobster
closeup typewriter
close up pencils heart erasers
back towards semikolon bright white
back towards semikolon
close up ook Peace embossing
albertine press cards

Box and Bag Design

Project: In-store bags and gift boxes

Date: 2016

Gift Box
Gift Box Grey and White
Box Design
Box Close Up
Shipping Boxes

Jenni Bick Store

Posters and Decals

Project: Wall Quotes and Photos

Work: Design, ordering, placement

Date: 2017

Sign Decals - On Chrome and Glass
Empty Store
Window Poster Sketch
Window Posters - Progress
Window Posters - Progress
Window Posters
Window Posters
The Notebook - Progress
The Notebook - Register
Wall Quotes and Photos
Wall Quotes and Photos
Logo Posters - Sketch
Logo Station
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